Sonic and choreographic piece created by Nicholas Stücklin for 6 performers.
Objects made by Oya Kozacioglu. Performers: Claire Ridge, Lyla Marsol, Gabriel Ghebrezghi, Greg McLaren, Oya Kozacioglu, Nicholas Stücklin.
Oeil extérieur: Valentine Paley.

Operating within the same laws of physics as Wooxdebon, Palponaït [palpo-night] stages 6 wooden boxes as autonomous agents, whose curious behavior and expressions are made audible through touch.

Awarded 2nd prize at PREMIO 2016, the Swiss Encouragement Prize for Theatre and Dance.

Previous performances:
19 Mar 2016, PREMIO semi-final, Gessnerallee, Zurich.
21 May 2016, PREMIO final, Théâtre Arsenic, Lausanne.

Photography by Pénélope Henriod.