Sonic and choreographic performance created by Nicholas Stücklin for
3 singing boxes, 3 technicians and 3 percussionists.
Wood and Metalwork: Oya Kozacioglu. Choreography: Claire Ridge. Performers: Claire Ridge, Lyla Marsol, Gabriel Ghebrezghi, Greg McLaren, Oya Kozacioglu, Nicholas Stücklin.

Wooxdebon stages sound and music as binding agents. Both a tape and wood bricolage and a solemn incantation, the piece revolves around three mystical boxes that respond to touch. Contact microphones, placed visibly at the beginning of the performance, grant the boxes sonic expression and allow them to recount this meeting between objects and humans through song, noise and other surprises.

Wooxdebon's twin project Palponaït was awarded 2nd prize at PREMIO 2016, the Swiss encouragement prize for theatre and dance.

Previous performances:
30 Aug 2015, Sonic Strip, New River Studios, London
3 Oct 2015, Spontaneous Combustion / Art Licks Weekend, The Nines, London
21 Jan 2015, The Lumen Lake VI, Lewisham Arthouse, London
13 Apr 2016, We Spoke #4: Old Masters, Le Bourg, Lausanne

Video 1 contains footage filmed by Olga Stachowska on 3 Oct 2015 at the Sponaneous Combustion dance and performance festival / Art Licks weekend in London.